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Typical or gourmet Savoyard dish, quick meal or break at altitude, on the terrace or rather cosy? Find here all the restaurants of Saint François Longchamp

In each village or district of the resort, or even at the Col de la Madeleine or near the Lac de la Grande Léchère, our restaurateurs welcome you and treat you in their establishments, a stone’s throw from your holiday rental.

Fast-food trade

Pancake, pizza, panini or sandwich, and off we go again to fully enjoy all the resort’s activities.

Break for lunch

To stay as close as possible to the day’s activity or to go hiking quickly, enjoy a good meal in the resort centre, or at altitude with a view of our panoramas.

A dinner to feast on après-ski or after a beautiful hike

Re-discover the local specialities during your stay in Savoie in our traditional restaurants. Fondue, raclette, tartiflette … take advantage of our chefs for an evening with your feet under the table, in the many establishments of the resort, or directly in your rental in the mountains, with deliveries or take-away meals.


Do not miss: Beaufort dishes, PDO cheese directly from our farms. Yum, the beautiful homemade dishes!

Restaurant speciality
  • Cheese specialities(11)
  • Traditional French cooking(17)
  • Gluten-free dishes(3)
  • offers dishes "homemade"(11)
  • Savoyard cooking(8)
  • Vegetarian cuisine(1)
  • Organic cuisine(1)
  • Mediterranean cuisine(1)
  • Italian cuisine(1)
  • Gastronomic cuisine(1)
  • Saladerie(1)
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04 79 59 14 75

Crêperie du Val Blanc

04 79 59 12 88


04 79 59 19 70

La Louche Percée

04 79 05 04 33

Le Beauséjour Hôtel-restaurant

04 79 56 39 94

La Grange

06 82 35 72 99

L’Etable du Dahut

04 79 59 19 34

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