Sliding Activities

Slide in the snow activities to be found throughout the winter in Saint François Longchamp

Because it’s not just downhill skiing …

While the Grand Domaine skiable is perfect for working on the skis and making its trail in powder, the other types of practices are not left out for sensations and fun in the mountains in the winter.

Other slides are available on or off the slopes.

Snowboarding is always in fashion: come and test your balance and tricks on the rail park.
The Telemark for lovers of the slit and elegant style, and go back to the origin of alpine skiing.
The Taxiski for new sensations, sitting as close as possible to the snow. Or the Yooner, to test its balance at full speed.
The Snakgliss for accelerated turns, in a group!
Sledging on the Comet for an adrenaline rush and liberating screams.
Ski touring to get away and get up and your head on the ski area.
Sledging, for young and old, laughs with each guaranteed descent!

And more and more, with all the animations prepared by the teams of Saint François Longchamp, discover the Human Curling, the Bowling on Snow, and everything else…