Nocturnal Activities

The day in the snow and in the sun was not enough for you? Do you still have energy to continue the day?

Find here our activities available in Saint François Longchamp, in night mode.

What activities to do tonight?

Encounters with wildlife, locals, stars, other vacationers… you won’t stop living new adventures, even at night!

Bowling, cinema, karaoke, Disco evening, supervised hike, snow grooming… you can’t imagine the possibilities, and the life of Saint François Longchamp at night.

A little advice from the Inversaire (inhabitant of Saint François Longchamp), if it is to be consumed in moderation, do not hesitate to drink the local digestive after a Savoyard fondue: the génépi!

Let go, let yourself be carried away and enjoy the beauty of our resort, day and night.

What activities to do in the evening during my summer mountain holiday … all the suggestions and ideas here.