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Saint François Longchamp, the Savoy ski resort for families

At Saint François Longchamp, children are kings to share beautiful adventures with their families to fully experience them. The holidays promise sacred experiences for all, with free play areas, activities adapted for children of all ages, workshops and daily activities, special for families.

Labelled Family Plus, here the special Family welcome is in our DNA!
Famille Plus is the guarantee of an adapted welcome and a successful stay!

The 6 Famille Plus commitments

1 A family friendly welcome

2 Activities for all ages

3 From the smallest to the largest, to each their own price

4 Activities for the whole family, to enjoy together or separately

5 All shops and services nearby

6 Children pampered by our partners

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The “Family Plus” guide

Advice from Goupy, the resort’s mascot

“Hi, I’m Goupy, I’m a fox who lives in Saint François Longchamp. You will most certainly meet me during your vacation in the snow

I know every nook and cranny of the resort and will tell you about the structures and activities that are suitable for you and your family to have an unforgettable stay! »”

Restaurants, shops, dedicated spaces, holiday rental accommodation … here everything is designed so that family outings, in our beautiful snow-capped mountain, are simple and full of wonder.

Goupy Saint François Longchamp