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Lovers of wide open spaces and snowshoeing or skiing? We are waiting for you at Saint François Longchamp for a total change of scenery and a guaranteed renewal!

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Our hiking tracks

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In the Massif de la Lauzière in the heart of Savoie, work on your physical condition to browse and admire the many hiking routes of the ski resort. Rather ski touring to reach the peaks or snowshoes to crisscross between the snow-covered pines? Live all these experiences during your ski vacation this winter.

Step by step, discover our heritage, our inhabitants, our flora and fauna. Follow the trend and adopt these eco-friendly modes of transport, to experience your holidays to the sound of the snow under your feet.

To each his own pace and level: in our snow-capped mountains, you can enjoy a playground of thousands of hectares, at any altitude.

For the more athletic, up to the challenge with the mythical peaks of the Lauzière massif, and the highest point of Saint François Longchamp: the Black Horse which we contemplate at 2 832 m.

Need to get away from it all? meet in our traditional Savoyard villages in the Montaimont or Montgellafrey sector for peaceful hikes.

Also take advantage of our space of freedom and relaxation to hike with a dog.

Over the minutes of walking, you are not immune to encountering the animals that inhabit our slopes … Follow their tracks in the snow … marmots (in spring!), Chamois or foxes …) watch you around the corner of the eye.

Panoramas of the Belledonne mountain range, the Etendard Glacier, the emblematic Aiguilles d’Arves, and the majestic Mont Blanc… you will be amazed!

For safe and peaceful hikes, off the beaten track, our mountain professionals will accompany you to the summits or the secret corners of the resort.

Solo, with family or supervised, snowshoeing or ski touring offers you all the benefits of the mountain. And as you know, “the mountain wins you over”!