Balneotherapy Centre

Welcome to the Balneotherapy Centre, a place designed for well-being and relaxation in the heart of the mountains.

More than 2 500 m² of space are available to you with balneotherapy pools, saunas, hammams, spas and jacuzzis.
For sports enthusiasts, there are aquagym and aquabike classes, a fitness room and a weight room at your disposal.

Don’t miss the treatment area where our professional beauticians will offer you modelling, massages and treatments.

Saint François Longchamp, a mountain of well-being!


The most beautiful gifts under the tree to please !

~Exclusive Christmas offers ~
1 Facial treatment 30 min + free Thalgo product
1 facial treatment 45 min + Thalgo product adapted to your skin offered

To you the Treatments by Thalgo and the Mountain of well-being!

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Balneotherapy area

The balneotherapy area, with its pools and spa area, is at your disposal for a moment of relaxation, sports recovery or for optimal preparation for exercise.
Take advantage of our aquatic universe to take care of yourself.
Hydromassage jets for toning up or a return to calm, indoor spas, bubble bench and outdoor pool for hydrotherapy, a source of benefits for the body.
Contrasting or counter-current pools to stimulate your muscles and optimize the drainage and vascularization of your legs.
It’s time to think of yourself.

Soins massage par esthéticienne professionnelle Centre de Balnéothérapie


Beauty area

Whether you are a duo or solo, the beauty area offers you a multitude of natural and sensory treatments with our Thalgo and Origine product ranges. From facials to relaxation massages to sports massages, everything is done for your well-being.

You will also find our Esthetics area as well as our Beauty Shop: on sale our Thalgo and Origine products as well as organic and eco-responsible accessories and make-up.

Personne qui ajoute de l'eau dans un sauna

Sudation area

“A desire to do nothing, to relax…
Let yourself go, from one temperature to another, from one atmosphere to another… “

  • 1 Sauna at 90°: the essential virtues of the sauna are to fight against stress, sleep disorders, musculoarticular pains and to participate in the detoxification of the body, thanks to a dry heat.
  • 2 Hammams (45° and 50°): an oriental heritage of ancient steam rooms, the hammam is composed of two sweating areas with different steam temperatures.
  • Tepidarium: a place of rest and calm with heated benches.
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