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Fancy window shopping? Make way for shopping!

Indulge yourself in the shops of Saint François Longchamp.

In addition to all the sports shops that offer a wide choice of equipment, starting with textiles and accessories, many shops are waiting for you for your favourite purchases.

Space in your luggage? Don’t forget to bring back souvenir gifts for the whole family! Mugs, traditional Opinel knife, photo frame, postcard, famous moo box… enter our stores for gift ideas.

Rather looking for local products?

Our shops offer local products, starting with the unmissable Beaufort; as well as regional cold meats, honey from our mountain pastures, herbal teas with local plants, genepi …

On holiday but still up to date? Head to the tobacco press to follow the international daily.

If Saint François Longchamp offers many activities, still allow yourself a little time to stroll through our shopping galleries! We are sure you will want to bring back memories of your stay home.