Free Beginner areas

Learn to ski thanks to the free beginners’ areas open to all for adults and children!

Saint François Longchamp, the friendly and accessible resort for all, with a special family welcome.
Because it is never too late, or too early, to learn to slide, the ski resort offers 3 free access learning spaces in winter.
Beginner’s carpet or ski lift, no more excuses for learning to ski, snowboard or any other type of sliding on snow.

The green run La Route du Tour (which is the Col de la Madeleine route in summer, and frequently used by Tour de France riders as its name suggests), and Chemin des Inversaires are also accessible free of charge to browse the resort from one district to another, sliding.

Easily identifiable in terms of the ski area, the free areas at the foot of the slopes will support beginners in their learning, before being able to fully enjoy the Grand Domaine with family or friends.

Moniteur de ski avec groupe d'enfant