Escapades Nordiques

Saint François Longchamp

Dive into the heart of a natural environment supervised by a team of enthusiasts! Come and discover cani-randoing in an unspoilt setting, between high plateaux and forests.

Escapades Nordiques is first and foremost Ludo, who has been offering activities with his sled dogs in Valmorel for over 10 years.
Ludo discovered dog sledding in the Pyrenees.
He went on to pass his state diploma (DEJEPS Attelages Canins)...
He then moved to the commune of Saint Georges d'Hurtières and set up Escapades Nordiques, which offers dog sled rides in Valmorel and Courchevel with our partner Courchevel Aventure.
In 2017, after several years as an employee in various structures, Claire joined Ludo in the Escapades Nordiques adventure. Then in 2018, Claire and Ludo decided to join forces, allowing each of them to keep a number of dogs in line with their values.

Since 2020, the kennels have been set up side by side in the commune of Saint Georges d'Hurtières.

As fascinating sportsmen and women as they are adorable cuddly toys, our dogs are the driving force behind our activities.
Our ‘pack’ is made up of around sixty dogs, divided into Ludo's and Claire's groups. Most of the dogs are Alaskan Huskies, Siberian Huskies and a few Greenland Eskimo Dogs.

All our dogs are selected and are working dogs. They come from friends who are professional mushers or competitors, but some were also born with us. They are trained and socialised.

They live next to our houses, in comfortable kennels with a playpen where they can let off steam outside the team. We train the dogs during the autumn so that they are in top shape when winter arrives. All our dogs stay with us for the rest of their lives and enjoy a peaceful retirement within the group in which they have lived.

The dogs are the focus of all our attention; they are much more than a working tool - they are our colleagues, our babies.

We feed them a premium diet (a mixture of croquettes and meat). They are seen at least once a year by our vets at La Clinique Vétérinaire du Chiriac.

The dogs are also looked after by our osteopath Vanessa Strippoli.

Each one is a unique character, and we invite you to come and meet them through our activities.

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Opening Time

From 29/06 to 30/08/2024.

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