Itinerary n°25: The Maxet Crest tour

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Red level itinerary (medium), around 3:30 long, and with a negative and positive elevation of 470 meters. Track recommended for sporty people having a good experiencet of hiking.

La Pérelle 73130 Saint-François-Longchamp

Starting point at the «Pérelles», take the path on the left of the technical center building. Pass by the water treatment plant and take the path going up in front of you. At the first intersection, take on the left in the direction of the «Mère de l’eau». The track continue on the right. At the place called «Mère de l’eau», the track goes up on the right to the top of the «Crête Maxet». Take on the right, heading to the «Lauzière chairlift.


La Pérelle
73130 Saint-François-Longchamp

Opening periods

From 01/07 to 31/08.


Free of charge.

  • Pets welcome