Ferme Cartier

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La ferme Cartier makes "Tomme de Saint Avre" and "Beaufort"

11, rue de la Plaine 73130 Saint-Avre

This large farm houses a herd of lovely dairy cows. They come back to the farm once the snow has arrived and spend the winter here, on the plains of Saint-Avre and once Spring arrives, they are taken back up the mountains to chew the cud in the pastures where the grass is yellow and full of taste and many mountain colours. The milk is excellent and the farmer puts all his knowhow to use to transform this milk into cheese.

Tour by appointment (the farmer will suggest possible times) purchase directly from the farm every day.


11, rue de la Plaine
73130 Saint-Avre

Opening periods

Buy our cheeses all year round - open Monday to Saturday : 8h30/12h and 14h30/19h. Sunday : 8h30/12h.

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  • Private parking