Fête du VTT

Fête du VTT Sunday 14 July 2024
Want to discover mountain biking in the mountains? Take part in the fourth annual mountain biking festival!
Mountain bike routes

– Starlight 4.88km (downhill) | Easy
– Blackhorse 2.85km (downhill) | Easy

– Les Paquiers | 7.22km D+262m | Easy
– Le Lac de la Grande Léchère | 21.46km D+682m | Difficult
– Le Lac du Loup | 24.38km D+763m | Difficult
– Col du Paradis | 12.97km D+454m | Très Difficile
– Mer de l’Eau | 14.66km D+565 | Très Difficile
– Col de Chaussy | 34.41km D+1153 | Très Difficile

Other VAE routes

– La boucle du Fragnin | 22 km D+400 m | Difficult
– Itinéraire du Sapin | 3 km D+100 m | Easy
– Chemin des Inversaires | 6 km D+200 m | Very easy
– La route des fermes | 6 km D+300 m | Easy
– Le Col de la Madeleine | 10 km D+350 m | Easy
– Le lac du Loup par Saint François Longchamp et Montaimont | 30 km D+1300 m | Difficult

Other mountain bike routes


– Descente de la route des fermes | 2,5 km D-390m | Facile
– La combe du Loup | 10 km | Difficile
– Le Nant Burian | D-400 m | Difficile
– Les Perelles | 2 km | Difficile
– Itinéraire du Sapin | 3 km D+100 m | Facile

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Bicycle and scooter circuit

A circuit for the little ones. Bicycles, scooters and helmets on loan.

Fun bikes

Can you control your trajectory?

Introduction to activities

Mountain bike and VAE hire at Milly sports Netski (Saint François 1450) or at Ravoir’Sports sport 2000 (4 Vallées).

Segway hire at Perret Sports (Centre sation).

Supervised outings

Set off on a mountain bike or mountain bike tour with your instructor Mathieu Taboury.

Mountain bike trials show

Freestyle trial mountain bike demonstration.

Ball and fireworks

On Bastille Day, we’ll be celebrating 14 July on the forecourt of the Maison du Tourisme with a DJ set, refreshments and fireworks!