Festival des P’tites Canailles

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3 days of activities, workshops and shows where parents must be accompanied!
JULY 23 | 24 | 25 2-6 p.m. Children’s make-up 🚩 Parvis OT 👤 2 – 10 years € Free
A professional make-up artist will take care of your P’tites Canailles!

Your professional make-up artist will bring your little ones’ dreams to life by transforming them into their favorite characters: princesses, pirates, superheroes, animals…

couv anim
july 23 | 24 | 25 10am-12pm & 2pm-6pm The “La Manivelle” merry-go-round 🚩 Parvis OT 👤 2 – 6 years € Free
A parent-powered sea-themed merry-go-round.

An entirely hand-crafted merry-go-round with a sea theme. Inspired by Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, children are invited to ride a whale or a seahorse, as well as a rowboat or the “Nautilus” submarine. Another special feature is that it operates without oil or electricity, using only
coude oil. The musical background is provided by an old electrophone, which plays the best children’s hits of the last century. The 45s on offer are chosen by the audience.

Manege la manivelle
JULY 23th 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm Splash zone 🚩 1450 👤 3 – 77 years old € Free admission
Immerse yourself in the aquatic world of the Splash Zone and get ready for some refreshing adventures!

A beach-themed play area with a wind-slide for older children, a kite workshop (€5) and magic sandboxes.

6 © Alban PERNET
july 23 | 24 10am-12pm & 3pm-6pm Giant games 🚩 P. Mollaret 👤 3 – 77 years old € Free
From great classics like chess and checkerboard revisited in XXL versions, to more original games like giant Mikado.

Giant games: chess, checkers, mikado, goose game, trivial pursuit, and various board games for the whole family.

Tuesday 23/07, presence of the Déclicc’ toy library.

JULY 24 | 25 3pm – 5pm Inflatable games 🚩CSL 👤 from 8 years € Free
A giant bowling game with 2-metre-high pins, or a crazy game of soccer where you’re in the ball!

Bubble Foot is the hilarious, unusual activity par excellence! Put on a giant transparent bubble and take on your friends or family in frenzied soccer matches. Anything goes: jostling, rolling, colliding… the aim is to score points by kicking the ball into the opponent’s goal, while having fun and pushing the limits of balance!

Imagine a bowling alley where you replace the ball with yourself! That’s the crazy, fun concept behind human bowling, an activity that appeals to young and old alike for its guaranteed laughs and wild games. The principle is simple: slip on a zorb ball, a large transparent inflatable ball, and let your friends or family propel you down a giant bowling alley. Your objective? Knock over as many pins as possible in a single throw!

bubble footpng
JULY 25 15h-17h Circuit draisiennes 🚩P. Madeleine 👤 2 – 6 years € Free
An animation that will suit the youngest.

A pram and scooter circuit for the little ones. Bicycles and helmets available on loan.

JULY 23rd 6pm Bubbles & balloons 🚩 P. Mollaret 👤 2 – 10 years € Free
Which sculpture will you choose?

Balloon sculptures created by two “mîme” characters amidst soap bubbles.

JULY 24 11h | 15h | 17h Déam’bulles 🚩 Montjoie (11am) 🚩 P. Mollaret (3pm) 🚩 P. Mollaret (3pm) € Free
A magical travelling show.

Parades of soap bubbles. Multicolored clouds of bubbles rain down before your very eyes!

JULY 24th 6pm Harry Potter, the Wizards’ Dance 🚩 Lanyards 👤 General public € Free
Welcome to Hogwarts!

Join Harry Potter and friends for a crazy wizard-themed minidisco.

JULY 25 6 p.m. Street golf 🚩 Montjoie 👤 General public € Free
Ready to swing into the heart of the resort?

Join our two funny golfers as they try to make your best swing… in the middle of the street!

street golf
JULY 25 16h Clown and his string puppets. Madeleine 👤 All ages € Free.
Strange string puppets.

You’ll have the chance to meet Kawa and Watermelon, two very funny ostriches.

clown confetti
JULY 25 2 p.m. Dove showman 🚩 Montjoie 👤 All audiences € Free
Rino Baldi presents his funny birds.


Success guaranteed with the white doves: Pioupiou, Julietta and Romeo, whom he has tamed and trained himself, and who will perform some feats for him.

rino baldi oiseaux
JULY 23rd 8:30 pm Harry Potter 🚩 Salle Animation € Free
1 hour of magic.


An original Harry Potter-themed show by magician Rino Baldi! Immerse yourself in the world of the famous wizard.

JULY 24th 8:30 pm Magic dream 🚩 Salle Animation € Free
A whirlwind of interactive magic…

Let yourself be carried away, let your imagination run wild, and come and dream in a fairytale world! Duration: 1 hour.

reve magique rino baldi
JULY 23rd 6:30 p.m. The funny bird 🚩 Salle Animation € Free
A whirlwind of interactive magic…

Come and meet this amusing Zoziau, whose character is full of spice.

Clown confetti
Workshop MAGIC
23 JUILLET 10h & 11h 24 JUILLET 15h & 16h Magic workshop with Rino Baldi! 🚩 Parvis OT 👤 From 6 years € Free
Registration only, limited number of places.

Introductory courses in magic: playing dice, cards, drawer boxes, coins, disappearance, appearance, transformation, magic wands, hats, etc…