Take to the summits with the Saint François Longchamp ski lifts this summer! ️‍

Discover the pleasures of the mountains with family and friends thanks to the opening of the Lune Bleue and Clochettes chairlifts.


Accessible 5 days a week from Sunday to Thursday, it takes you to the heights where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramas. From here, you’ll have access to :

Mountain bike trails

The Starlight run, for a more technical descent.

The Blackhorse trail, for thrill-seekers.


Lac Bleu, a high-altitude lake with crystal-clear waters.

Lac Blanc, another mountain lake nestled in a green setting.

L’Espace Aventure

Located at the top of the Lune Bleue chairlift, the Espace Aventure offers new activities based on the Ninja Warrior course and other “Commando” activities, in a peaceful green setting. This entirely secure area will enable children aged 8 and over to test their physical and mental capacities on original modules and obstacles, each different from the next. A reception area will also enable parents/carers to relax and quench their thirst while admiring the exploits of their young participants.


open 3 days a week from Sunday to Tuesday, gives you access to numerous hikes from the 1450 resort as well as a playful mountain bike trail for maximum fun.

Whether you’re a mountain biker, a hiker or simply looking for a breathtaking view of the mountains, the Saint François Longchamp lifts have just what you’re looking for!


Opening times:

  • Lune Bleue: open 5 days a week from Sunday to Thursday.
  • Clochettes: open 3 days a week from Sunday to Tuesday.

Tariffs for chairlifts:

  • 1 ascent: €7 children €8.50 adults
  • Full day:  11.50€ | 16€ ad.
  • 2 ascents (Clochettes + Lune Bleue): €12 children | €15 adults.

Mountain bikes and pedestrians welcome. Not recommended for children under 12 months. Free for children under 5 and over 75.
NB : The chairlift descent is included in the price.

Espace Aventure rates :

  • 1 admission 2h : 15€ children | 19€ adults
  • Combo Aventure Montée TS Lune Bleue + 1 admission 2h : 18€ enf. | 19€ ad.
  • Combo Aventure Accès illimité TS Lune Bleue+ 1 entrée 2h : 24€ enf. | 29€ ad.
  • Pass’ Aventure Unlimited access to TS and Espace Aventure + 1 free downhill run on La Comète toboggan: €79 for children and €99 for adults.



  • The Lune Bleue and Clochettes chairlifts are accessible from the village of Saint François Longchamp.



Don’t wait any longer and come and enjoy the joys of summer at Saint François Longchamp!