Family Information

    • Where could I change my baby diaper on the resort?

    The public toilets have a special area for this as well as the picnic room located at 1450 m.

    • Where could I find childcare objects?

    The pharmacy located on the “Place de la Madeleine” offers a childcare area. You could also rent baby equipment (travel cot, bathtub, …) with the central reservation.

    • Where could I babysit my children?

    The “Maison des Enfants” is the nursery of Saint François Longchamp, located in the center of the station near the tourism office. The nursery is available for baby from 3 months.

    • Winter, what could I do with a kid who doesn’t want to ski?

    A lot of service providers are in the station and around to provide you various activities! If you want more information, you could come to the tourism office.

    • There are a lot of animations for kid?

    Our team does its best to provide you a lot of animations during the holiday.

    • Do you offer some activities for teenagers?

    We suggest various activities and animations according to ages, even for teenagers!

    • Where could we find more information about “Famille Plus”?

    It will be a pleasure for the tourism office’s team to explain more about it, and do not miss our Guide dedicated to families.

    • I have a pram, are there any feasible hikes?

    Our “confort walk” is a little hike, feasible with a pram.

    • Where could I find advantages “Famille Plus” in the resort?

    Famille Plus concerns some events and activities, and many shops and services, for example.

    Useful information – Opening, access…

    When is the station open?

    Every year, the winter season starts on the 3rd Saturday of December and ends the 3rd Saturday of April.

    The summer season is in July and August. Sometimes it ends in September.

    Find the opening dates at the bottom of the page.

    How do I get to Saint François Longchamp?

    Follow the guide and Welcome! Link here

    How to book the shuttle from the train Station Saint Avre-La Chambre?

    Visit the website bellesavoieexpress and book online. The drive is about 30 min.

    Can I drive to the Madeleine Pass?

    In winter, the road to the Madeleine Pass is closed. It’s a green slope « La route du Tour ».

    In summer, the Madeleine Pass is usually open the 4th Friday of may. You can reach the Tarentaise Valley through Celliers and La Léchère (zip code 73260)

    Can disable people enjoy the station?

    Of course! We have a dedicated guide. Find it here

    Where and when are the Mass?

    The mass takes place every Sunday morning in the Saint-Anne Chapel. There is a bus stop near the Chapel. Please tell the bus driver you want to stop there.

    Is there a marketplace in Saint François Longchamp?

    The marketplace is in La Chambre (16k ms) every Thursday morning and one in Saint Jean de Maurienne (about 25kms) every Saturday morning.

    What is the snow cover in the station?

    Find here

    What is the state of the access road at the moment?

    Check out the live info on state of the roads.

    The Madeleine pass is closed during winter.

    Can you come with a dog? (Chairlifts, slopes, hiking…)

    Your dog must be on leash in the station. In the hiking guide, you’ll find which path you can walk with your dog.

    During the summer season, dogs are allowed on the chairlift and a harness is mandatory.

    In winter, dogs are not allowed on the slopes.

    Is any special equipment required when driving up to the station?

    Special equipment (snow chains…) is required in your car.

    Where can I find internet access?

    There’s a free Wi-Fi hotspot at the Tourism Office and the Balneotherapy Center.

    You can rent Wifi case at the Booking Agency from €7 per day or €39 per week. Book here

    Where can I find an ATM?

    In the building l’Alouette behind the tourism Office, you will find the cashpoint (ATM) at the Crédit Agricole Bank. It’s the only one in the station.

    Is there a recycling container ?

    You will find several recycling containers in the station: in the area 1450 m, in the Longes area, at the place de la Madeleine, Plan Mollaret area, etc…

    The nearest recycling centre is in La Chambre.

    How do I go to the centre of the station from the other areas?

    You can take free buses (Skibus) that serve the different areas of the resort in winter.

    During the summer, there is no bus service.

    However, you can park in the different free open air parks or take the walking paths.

    How do I go to Montaimont? To Montgellafrey?

    Montaimont: take the road down to the valley and follow the sign. Montaimont is 8kms away from Saint François Longchamp.

    Montgellafrey: in summer, you can also drive by Saint François Longchamp and pass through the Balneotherapy Center or take the walking paths (See our hiking tracks).

    Parking and Shuttle service

    Where can I park?

    You can park in the different free open air parks. Look on the resort map.

    Where can I park my camper van?

    You can only park on the big parking P3 below the Balneotherapy Center.

    Is the Skibus shuttle free? Where can I find the timetables?

    Yes, the shuttle is free. You can download the timetables or there are available at the Tourism Office.

    The shuttle service only works during the winter season.

    Ski area & lifts | ESF Ski School

    Is my ski pass refundable?

    Please contact the customer service of Labellemontagne at +33 or email forfaitski.sfl@labellemontagne.com

    How many slopes is there? What is the high?

    Please find all the information and details about the ski area here

    Can I charge my pass online?

    You can charge your pass directly HERE or on the website of Labellemontagne

    What is the emergency number?

    You have to call 112 (European emergency number) or the ski patrol (if you are on the slopes) at +33

    Can I do cross-country skiing ?

    The cross-country skiing area is located in Montaimont (8 kms). The Grand Coin Nordic area offers a wide choice of slopes and snowshoes hiking paths. Find the information here

    Where are the ski school meeting area?

    You’ll find them on the snow front behind the Tourism Office.

    Shops & Services

    Can I find food shops in the resort?

    We have 4 food shops and 2 bakeries. Here is a list

    Is there ski lockers in the station?

    Most of the ski shops propose to store your rental gear. Please find the list here

    Where can I print my document?

    You can go to the Tourism Office or in any Library.

    Where can I buy stamps and post my mail?

    You can buy stamps at “la Cadeautière” shop located at the place de la Madeleine.

    The mailbox is located at the Tourism Office.

    Can I find medical services?

    There is a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacy and firefighters in the station

    Is there a launderette?

    The Val Blanc Pressing is located place de la Madeleine

    Booking Office

    Where is the booking agency & conciergerie service located?

    It’s located at the entry of the place de la Madeleine : « Centrale de Reservation ».

    What services can I find?

    You can visit the website or call the +33

    You book your accommodation for your stay online or by phone. The availabilities are in real time.

    The conciergerie service proposes you to rent:

    Wi-Fi case

    Sheets, Towels, Household linen, Baby cot …

    To book your covered parking place

    Activities & Entertainment

    What can I do with my family?

    In our Famille Plus guide, you can find the dedicated activities, click here

    Is there an entertainment program?

    The entertainment program is available at the Tourism Office or online Agenda.

    How to book the activities?

    You have to join the activity in question. Here’s the activity guide

    How to book the entertainment (Tourism Office)?

    You can only book from Saturday morning for the week to come.

    Go to the Tourism Office for the paid entertainment (by cash only)

    For the non-fee entertainment, you can book by phone at +33