The station Saint François Longchamp is spread over several levels and extends over altitudes ranging from 1200m, at Planet level, passing through  1450m and 1650m, reaching 1750m at the level of the Pérelles. The highest mountain peak reaches 2832m, with the Cheval Noir (Black Horse).

Saint-François Longchamp 1450 M

Arriving at St-François Longchamp 1450m, you can see the Fairies’ chimneys. Their appearance is due to natural erosion. When it rains, the large stone on top of the column protects the chimney. They are also sometimes called « capped ladies ».

Saint-François Longchamp 1650 m

The second village St-François Longchamp 1650m is itself divided into several areas where you will find basic amenities and services:
– Les Longes
– La Madeleine
– La Lauzière
– Plan Mollaret/4 vallées (Montgellafrey resort)