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Sporting activities

K.G.G - Chiens de Traineau

From 60€

Do you love nature, skiing and animals ? then dog sled rides are for you. Suits all ages from the youngest to the oldest (pedestrians, skiers ...) a 5 km descent on the road taken by the Tour de France. Explanations and photo of...

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Itinerary n°7: The Two Lakes (Lac Bleu - Lac Blanc)

A 2:30 hour blue level path with an ascending elevation of 180 meters. This track is intended formost of the people.

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Comfort walking trail: chemin pastoral des Inversaires"

Educational route. 150m of ascent elevation, and about 1 hour and 30 minutes long. Easy level, destined to everyone.

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Itinerary n°10: Les Paquiers

A 1 hour green level path (very easy level) with a positive elevation of +50m ans a negative elevation of -280m. Accessible to everybody.

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Itinerary n°12 : Circuit des fermes

4,3km itinerary.

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Picnic area Cheminées des Fées

Enjoy the beautiful view on the "Cheminées des fées" (fairy chimneys) at your picnic, a natural phenomenon of erosion.

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Itinerary n°17: From Les Pérelles to the Replat

Blue trail with a vertical drop of 200 m negative and lasting 45 minutes. Trail accessible to all levels of walkers.

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Itinerary n°20: From the "Replat" to the "Grande Léchère" through woods

A red level path (medium) . around 2h45 hour

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Itinerary n°22: From Montgellafrey to the "Grande Léchère" lake

Red level (medium) itinerary with an ascending elevation of 675m. The hike lasts around 3 hours. This path is for people having experience and skills for hiking.

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Itinerary n°9 The Hamlets (Les Hameaux)

Green educational trail with a vertical drop of 94 meters and a duration of 30 minutes, open trail to all levels of walkers.