From novice or expert, in hiking, there is something for everyone in SFL: come and walk our trails to the mountain lakes or in search of the most beautiful views of the Alps.

Open your eyes and admire the natural beauty!

The aim of these stunning panoramas: to make you dream, to surprise you, to take your breath away. Corners of paradise populated by marmots, chamois, ibex and flowers in shimmering colours. A lake, a stream or a glacier at the bend of a trail. In short, a unique landscape.
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Picnic area Cheminées des Fées

Enjoy the beautiful view on the "Cheminées des fées" (fairy chimneys) at your picnic, a natural phenomenon of erosion.

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Itinerary n°17: From Les Pérelles to the Replat

Blue trail with a vertical drop of 200 m negative and lasting 45 minutes. Trail accessible to all levels of walkers.

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Itinerary n°22: From Montgellafrey to the "Grande Léchère" lake

Red level (medium) itinerary with an ascending elevation of 675m. The hike lasts around 3 hours. This path is for people having experience and skills for hiking.

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Itinerary n°10: Les Paquiers

A 1 hour green level path (very easy level) with a positive elevation of +50m ans a negative elevation of -280m. Accessible to everybody.

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Comfort walking trail: chemin pastoral des Inversaires"

Educational route. 150m of ascent elevation, and about 1 hour and 30 minutes long. Easy level, destined to everyone.

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Itinerary n°20: From the "Replat" to the "Grande Léchère" through woods

A red level path (medium) . around 2h45 hour

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Itinerary n°12 : Circuit des fermes

4,3km itinerary.

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Itinerary n°9 The Hamlets (Les Hameaux)

Green educational trail with a vertical drop of 94 meters and a duration of 30 minutes, open trail to all levels of walkers.

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Itinerary n°7: The Two Lakes (Lac Bleu - Lac Blanc)

A 2:30 hour blue level path with an ascending elevation of 180 meters. This track is intended formost of the people.